Australian Food & Beverage Virtual Showcase 2021

The Australian Food & Beverage Virtual Showcase 2021 has been created to support Japanese buyers and Australian Food and Beverage exporters during the Foodex2021 event in Tokyo.

The platform presents Australian Food and Beverage companies in an easy to navigate Showcase for Japanese buyers, provides Groups for discussions and a Library of Australian Food and Beverage commercial videos.

Japanese buyers can search the easy to navigate Showcase.  The picture driven catalogue makes finding businesses easy - just “3 clicks” to find anything.


Options for Exporters

Registering with the Australian Food & Beverage Virtual Showcase 2021 platform allows exporters to:

  • Add information (images, documents) to their listing in the Showcase, a searchable ecatalogue of Australia’s leading food and beverage manufacturers, producers and services – 3 clicks to find anything.

  • Create a group in the platform – to engage with buyers in your own private space.

  • Contribute commercial videos to the library.

Australian Exporters

All selected Exporters are listed in the Showcase. Exporters can add images and documents to their listings in the showcase. A company can create a Group for its business. The company can provide links to existing commercial videos (Vimeo/YouTube), which will be added to the Australian Food & Beverage Virtual Showcase 2021 library.

Japanese Buyers

Buyers can signup and search the easy to navigate Showcase. The picture driven catalogue makes finding businesses easy = just 3 clicks to find anything. Buyers can join Groups and engage with Australian exporters.

Groups let you engage and collaborate with Customers and Partners.

Join groups – for your Food & Beverage industry sector, your State or region.


  • Buy from New South Wales

    New South Wales is a key part of Australia’s ‘food bowl’, producing a substantial amount of the nation’s food and agricultural goods.

    The state is home to around 47,000 agricultural businesses, 1,100 aquaculture and fishing businesses and more than 3,800 food and beverage processing companies.

    The food and beverage industry in NSW includes a large range of niche food product manufacturing, such as artisan and organic foods, and craft beer and spirit manufacturing.

  • Top produce from Queensland

    Queensland produces around 47 per cent of Australia’s total cattle and calves, and over 60 per cent of Australia’s sorghum.

    The state is Australia’s hub for tropical knowledge and expertise, producing approximately 94 per cent of Australia’s sugar cane, 90 per cent of bananas, 89 per cent of limes, 55 per cent of mangoes and almost all of the country’s pineapples and lychees.

    It has the largest amount of certified organic production land in Australia, with almost 2.3 million hectares that includes large tracts of organic grazing land in Queensland’s channel country.

    Queensland grows more pineapples than Hawaii and more potatoes than Ireland. It’s no surprise that Queensland’s economy is outgrowing its Australian counterparts.

    Its high-quality, fresh, clean and sustainably-produced meat, seafood, fruit, vegetables, nuts and gourmet food are enjoyed in homes and restaurants in every corner of the globe.

  • Best of Tasmania

    Tasmanian artisan cheeses are some of the best in Australia, as are the berries, apples and pears, premium beef, specialty honey, and fresh seafood. The region produces some of the best tasting seafood including Atlantic salmon and trout as well as abalone and crayfish.

    Tasmania has been producing saffron for over 25 years, including Category 1 Saffron, the highest standard in the global rating system. Tasmania also grows wasabi and truffles for local consumption.

    Tassie cool climate wines are loved across Australia and are becoming known around the world as high quality, exciting wines. Tasmania is home to a growing number of whisky, gin and vodka distilleries. Some only produce small quantities, while others export to the world and feature regularly on the podiums at international awards.

  • Showcasing Victorian produce

    Victoria is Australia's largest producer of food and fibre products. Our global reputation as exporters and suppliers of some of the world's cleanest, greenest and safe food and fibre products is built on the highest quality biosecurity, safety and reliability standards, and strong environmental protection.

    Japan is Victoria’s largest export market for dairy products. Consumers around the world enjoy Victorian fresh produce, in particular premium produce such as table grapes, citrus, summer-fruit, cherries, olives, almonds, apples and pears.

    Victoria has been exporting world-class wines for more than 150 years and is the third largest wine producing state in Australia. Our multi award-winning winemakers offer the international market a range of varietals in every conceivable style and price, and for every palate.

    Spread across 21 wine regions, Victoria's unique climates and geographical features range from cool rolling highlands, to temperate river lands, and fresh ocean climates, creating wines as distinct as the wineries that produce them.

  • Western Australia on display

    Exporting up to 80% of its agricultural production, Western Australia is an important producer and supplier of safe, high-quality agriculture products such as grains, meat, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, honey products, processed foods and live animals.


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